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Convict Lake: Behind the Badge -- Available now in print and Kindle format!


Orphan's Asylum -- Available now in print!


Convict Lake: Behind the Badge ISBN-978-1-935130-96-3

Humor, murder, tenderness, decapitation, fire, sadness, indifference, anger, thievery, family disputes, stabbings, shootings, riots, serial killers, and human stupidity is the world behind the badge.


Journey with five LAPD veteran officers to California’s High Sierra as they discuss the politics, cases, and eccentric personalities of the Los Angeles Police Department.


Often heartbreakingly blunt and gruesome, you’ll live and feel the gamut of police work during the height of the 60’s hippie movement to present day.


$15.95 plus $3.99 shipping (softcover version and autographed )

$9.99 Kindle   Click here:  Convict Lake: Behind the Badge - Kindle Version

Orphan's Asylum


ISBN-978-1-4257-8920-6 SOFTCOVER

ISBN-978-1-4257-8953-4 HARDCOVER (available thru Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

ISBN-978-1-4691-0096-8 EBOOK (available thru Amazon)

You’ll be transported back to the early 1950s to experience orphanage life with all its smells, sounds, and tastes. What was it truly like to live within the confines of an orphanage with all the daily routines? It was another time and place and told with grace and honesty.


$10.00 plus $3.99 shipping - Softcover version

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